Our goal is to fight cancer!

We work to ensure that everyone has equal access to the best cancer care. We stand up for the dignity of cancer patients and create tools to help them make good decisions about their health. We give courage!

Patient's Rights

We represent patients. The effects of our activities influence the shape of the cancer care systems in different countries. We advocate for people suffering from cancer and represent them in front of the legislators. We aim to persuade decision-makers to introduce changes in the healthcare systems that will improve the situation of patients and increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Access to medicines

Patients have legally guaranteed treatment in accordance with the current medical knowledge, but this law is not well executed in some countries - there are limitations in access to cancer drugs. We act to ensure equal access to the best cancer care for everyone. We strive to provide people with cancer with practical tools so that they can boldly benefit from the achievements of world medicine and win against the disease every day.

Financial help

Cancer is a struggle not only with the disease and unpleasant side effects of treatment, but also in some countries - with serious financial problems. We know that a situation in which there is not enough money for examination or treatment, on which health and life depend, causes fear and a sense of helplessness. That is why we support cancer patients in financing treatment every day! Alivia Networks organizations have donated over 6 million Euros to our Beneficiaries till now!